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Tutoring programs for all grades starting from primary, to secondary and all the way to high school.


Tutoring programs that cover major curriculum like UK national, IB and American. We specialize in exam preparation for GCSE and SAT 


Personalized tutoring for maths, english, arabic, chemistry, physics, biology and SAT preparation

Subjects You Can Learn With us

Tutoring Club works with all students between grade 1 to 12 and caters to most curriculum. We specialize in teaching English, Math, Arabic, Sciences as well as exam preparation tests like SAT and IELTS.


Math tutoring program that teaches key topics for grades 1 – 12 across multiple curriculum.

English Comprehension

Reading is the common thread for learning all subjects. Get ready for academic success with us.

English Writing

Grammar, punctuation, enrichment, composition are some of the basic building blocks we teach. 


Learning arabic reading and writing has never been more fun and engaging for all grades.


Chemistry tutoring program for major curriculum with focus on GCSE exam preparation


Biology tutoring program that covers all topics and helps you in your exam preparation.


Physics tutoring program which covers all topics and helps you in your exam preparation.

SAT Preparation

SAT prep which focusses on math and english and helps you in admission to your dream university.

Meet Tutoring Club

Tutoring Club is an international education center which was established back in 1991 in California, USA.  We have established our first center in Dubai in 2014 with the objective to help students achieve their full academic potential.

Since 2014, we have worked with students across all grades from 1 – 12 who are studying in the UK national, American and IB curriculum and we have taught most core subjects.  We teach a certified and accredit curriculum which is aligned to major curriculum taught in the UAE.

We are located in your community.  Visit the “Locations” section to find the Tutoring Club location closest to you.

The Tutoring Club Difference

We realize you are looking for the best options for your child’s education.  This is why at Tutoring Club we have been working hard over the years to gain your trust.  Here are some examples of how we stand to be an outstanding education center.

  • Student Centric Education Centers.
  • Parent Centric Education Centers.
  • Individualized Lessons to Every Student
  • All our staff are qualified educators
  • Modern & Smart Education Centers



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