High School

Let the body of work begin!  A student’s performance in the high school years will be the determining factor in college admissions. Solid study-skill habits give a student the attitude, knowledge, and abilities they need to thrive in school.

Successful study skills include goal setting, essay writing, research methods, note-taking techniques, and test-preparation strategies enabling a student to use their time efficiently and effectively. Above-grade-level comprehension, math and writing skills are mandatory for excellent grades and high SAT scores. A student that shows any sign of struggle should seek help immediately as time is of the essence and success throughout the high school years is crucial if a student wishes to attend the college of his or her choice!

High school students and 6th form students who are aiming to score high on their a-levels, IBDP or SAT typically start work early for exam preparation. Tutoring Club programs for high school and 6th form builds on the student’s knowledge and reinforces areas of weakness by doing multiple mock practice exams. After the mocks, we structure our teaching approach to go over the topics with more examples and additional practice until the students has all the confidence required and the practice needed to tackle any type of exam question.

English Language – Reading ComprehensionA-levels, IBDP, AP
English Writing and Literature A-levels, IBDP, AP
MathA-levels, IBDP, AP
BiologyA-levels, IBDP, AP
ChemistryA-levels, IBDP, AP
PhysicsA-levels, IBDP, AP
Business StudiesA-levels, IBDP, AP
Exam PreparationA-levels, IBDP, SAT

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