Secondary school

High school is just around the corner! Reading comprehension skills must be mastered and a student’s reading rate should be around 200 words per minute. A great reader is the foundation of a successful student now and for the future!

This is a critical time for math; the transition from basic math to algebra is upon the student. The transition from basic math to algebra is a critical time for students. A solid understanding of fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions, percents, integers, numeration, word problems, geometric figures, and equations are a must!  The most common reason for failure in high school math is weak pre-algebra skills.

By now, a student has considerable practice with the fundamentals of writing and has been introduced to more-advanced creative writing. Each student must be able to expand his or her writing into more complex essay styles and write multi-paragraph essays that flow, while using accurate capitalization, punctuation and grammar. The introduction of research for writing essays makes reading comprehension an important skill set for a successful writer!

In secondary school, we work with students who are preparing for GCSE/IGCSE and MYP assessments in most subjects. We also do SAT exam preparation in order to help students achieve academic success and work towards university admission.

English Reading Comprehension SkillsGCSE. IGCSE, MYP, American
English WritingGCSE. IGCSE, MYP, American
MathGCSE. IGCSE, MYP, American
ArabicGCSE. IGCSE, MYP, American
ChemistryGCSE. IGCSE, MYP, American
BiologyGCSE. IGCSE, MYP, American
PhysicsGCSE. IGCSE, MYP, American
Business StudiesGCSE. IGCSE, MYP, American
SAT PreparationAmerican

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