Arabic Tutoring

Arabic Tutoring Lessons

Arabic is one of the most amazing languages to learn! We work with students everyday and help them build a strong foundation in arabic reading and arabic writing.

Whether you are a native arabic speaker or just looking to learn Arabic as a second language, our arabic tutoring program is tailored to meet your education needs. Our arabic diagnostic assessment allows us to pinpoint areas of weakness so that we can personalize an arabic program to match your specific academic level and needs.

From absolute beginners to advanced students, our arabic teachers and tutors will teach you arabic reading comprehension, arabic writing and speaking. We focus on building strong vocabulary bank and we also teach our students how to use arabic grammar correctly so they can improve their arabic writing skills.

We specialize in Arabic lessons for all grades and all ages. We create an Arabic course that is right for your level. Whether you are a native speaker or not, we can help you improve your Arabic language skills very quickly.

Arabic Qualified Tutors

Our arabic teachers and tutors are all specialists in teaching arabic for students of all grades, all the way from primary to secondary. We also teach arabic to students who are looking to succeed in their exam preparations for GCSE / IGCSE and IB

GradesCurriculum Alignment
Grades 1 – 8 / Years 2 – 9UK National / PYP / American K-8 / MYP
Grades 9 – 12 / Years 10 – 13IGCSE / GCSE / IB / AP

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